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Use of  The Chester Street, Edinburgh and Park House, Glasgow Premises During The COVID 19 Pandemic August 2021


Following the Scottish Government’s decision to move ‘Beyond Level 0’ and along with the recognition that the COVID 19 pandemic is not over, this document provides guidance on what we should do to continue to keep ourselves safe when using the school premises.  


Health, safety and wellbeing

When considering whether to attend face to face classes students are reminded that classes will continue to be available online and that use of public transport may increase personal risk.

Students and tutors may only attend if they are free from Covid-19 symptoms, the current main symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19) are a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.  

Students and tutors must not attend physical meetings if required to self-isolate.

Face coverings

Students and tutors must wear a face covering, covering their nose and mouth when moving through communal areas e.g. corridors/stairs.  

Hygiene, waste disposal and cleaning protocols

The tutor (or designated student) will ensure that common touch points are sanitised before and after the meeting.

Students and tutors are encouraged to use the hand sanitising stations that are provided at entrances, exits and within meeting rooms. 

Hand washing facilities are provided within toilet areas.

Students and tutors must follow good cough and sneeze hygiene etiquette:-

  • catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue and dispose of any tissues into a bin and wash/sanitise hands immediately
  • if an individual does not have tissues to hand, they should catch coughs and sneezes in the crook of their elbow

General cleaning and housekeeping of the house will be carried out once a week and will be scheduled after a minimum 48 hours has elapsed from the last meeting.  In addition to removal of rubbish and general cleaning, a detergent wash or sanitising clean will be performed on common touch points i.e. door handles, light switches, toilet areas.


To provide suitable ventilation within meeting rooms, it is recommended that there should be an open window (a minimum of 5cm is suggested however it is dependent on the prevailing weather conditions and room occupancy) and if possible the room entrance door should remain slightly open (a minimum of 5cm is suggested) for the duration of the meeting.  Note: As a result of the improved ventilation the rooms may not be as warm as usual therefore students should dress accordingly.

Physical distancing and contact minimisation

It is recommended that seating is arranged to allow for 1m social distancing. 

It is recommended that meetings times are limited to no longer than 90 minutes.

Contact tracing

The tutor will take a class register as normal to assist with track and trace (if required).  

Illness during class 

In the unlikely event that a student develops symptoms of COVID-19 during a class:-

The class will be suspended, and all non-symptomatic students will be asked to leave.

If the affected student has mild symptoms they should go home as soon as they notice symptoms and self-isolate.

  • Where possible they should minimise contact with others, e.g. use a private vehicle to go home. If it is not possible to use private transport, they should be advised to return home quickly and directly.
  • If using public transport, they should use a face covering, try to keep away from other people and catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue. 
  • If the student is so unwell that they require an ambulance, the tutor will phone 999 and let the call handler know there is a concern about COVID-19.

The affected meeting room(s) / areas will be considered contaminated and will be vacated. 

The affected room(s) will be closed by the tutor and marked ‘Do Not Enter – Contaminated’.

The tutor will contact Diane Piper, Martin Ross, Elizabeth MacLean (Edinburgh) or Jackie Marshall (Glasgow) to arrange decontamination / sanitisation of the affected room(s). 

Other areas within the house will receive their normal end of meeting cleans.