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Continuing Study

Once the Introductory Philosophy course is complete there is the opportunity to explore the subjects further and discover more ways in which philosophy can positively affect everyday living.

Practical Philosophy continues after the first course with classes that advance and guide students to open their awareness more fully and connect more deeply with themselves and others.
After the first few terms students are offered the opportunity to be introduced to meditation.

This is your choice whether you take up this opportunity or continue to attend classes without practising meditation. We have a thriving community of diverse, yet like-minded people and you are welcome to continue to study with the School for as long as you wish. 

For returning students the Summer Term 2022 starts the week commencing 25th April.


Subject to local restrictions we offer in person, Zoom and hybrid meetings. Each group will agree with the group tutor the best method of delivery for their group. Your safety is our priority and therefore we ask that students abide by national and local regulations and by our own policy which can be accessed here

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Please consider making a donation if you attend one or more of our Summer Lectures. 

As always, if the course fees present a challenge, any donation is gratefully received.  

Themes Covered

If you choose to enrol for each subsequent term these are the topics you can expect to study. The first four years cover the following topics in successive terms:

  1. Introductory course
  2. Happiness
  3. Love
  4. Presence of mind – Introduction to Meditation
  5. The way of freedom
  6. The way of action
  7. The way of devotion
  8. The way of knowledge
  9. Philosophy: a way of life
  10. The three energies – sattwa, rajas and tamas
  11. The five sheaths – food, breath, mind, intellect and bliss
  12. Harmony


The first 12 terms as shown cover the first 4 years within the School. For students who wish to continue to study beyond this, increasing attention is placed on the philosophy of Advaita, or “unity”.

By this time, students will have been offered the opportunity to take up meditation if they wish (see more information about this under the “Meditation” tab). Students may continue to study with the School for as long as they wish to.

Advaita philosophy (the word literally means “non-dual” or not two) is generally associated with the East, and indeed the School has for many years had a close association with the Indian Advaita tradition (see for more about the history of the School).

The School understands Advaita as a universal concept which has found expression in many of the world’s philosophic and religious traditions. Students of the School include members of most of the world’s faith groups, and many others who are not attracted to any form of religion. We welcome everyone.

A true appreciation of Advaita allows life to be led more fully and richly, conferring greater freedom on the individual and those around. It is designed to bring out the best in everyone, whatever role they are playing.