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Introductory Course

The intention of our courses is to help students realise their full potential.


Introductory 10 week course

Our Introductory Course in Practical Philosophy explores how philosophic wisdom, accumulated over millennia from the world’s philosophic and religious traditions, can be applied effectively in our everyday lives to bring us greater happiness and fulfilment.

Themes Covered

Themes covered during the ten weekly sessions are:

  1. The wisdom within
  2. Know thyself
  3. Being awake
  4. Attending to the present moment
  5. Living justly
  6. Energies
  7. The light of reason
  8.  The power of beauty
  9. Unity in diversity
  10. The desire for truth

Study Days

In addition to the weekly sessions, the course includes a weekend study day, with lunch provided, where we invite you to put philosophical principles into practice in the company of fellow students.

The study day also provides an opportunity for one or other of the major philosophers or philosophical traditions to be examined in greater depth than is possible during the weekly meetings.

As always, emphasis is placed on those writings which provide simple yet practical guidance and depth of understanding. For those continuing after the introductory term the diverse topics of these study days, both ancient and modern, are designed to give students an appreciation of the world’s rich philosophical heritage.

The date of the Study Day will be announced early in the term.